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  • 2 years ago

Job Description

Tych Business Solutions is recruiting for a UPS ELECTRICIAN. Apply Now!

As a UPS Electrician, you’ll work on the installation of electrical equipment and components in our offices. You will install, test and repair all electrical components such as switches, sockets and light fixtures to ensure they are working properly. You will also be responsible for ensuring that all of our office’s power requirements are met with appropriate outlets throughout the building.


• Conducts routine preventive maintenance and responds to service calls.
• Maintains UPS environments by performing required inspections, testing, and analyzing results.
• Troubleshoots, controls, and repairs all UPS electrical systems.
• Inspects UPS building blocks such as batteries, transformers, fuses, bus bars, and connectors.
• Evaluates system performance, determines the necessary equipment, and performs repairs on UPS components, cabling Implements the required electrical, mechanical, and electronic components within the assigned work area
• Prepares, documents, and verifies the installation of a single-phase electrical service system.
• Prepares, documents, and verifies the installation of a three-phase electrical service system.
• Documents repairs, inspections, and preventative maintenance activities.


• Experience in electrical work preferred
• Must have 2+ years of experience as an electrician.
• Must have three years of experience in the electrician field
• Must be able to work independently and on a team.
• Must be willing to comply with all security policies and procedures of the company.
• Experience with electrical equipment and circuit design a plus.
• Must be able to work long hours and weekends, including holidays.
• RED Seal Certification.

Location: Gauteng

Job skills