Unveiling 2024 Opportunities: Seed Sampler Position at Starke Ayres

  • 4 months ago

Job Description

In the dynamic world of agriculture, the importance of quality seeds cannot be overstated. Starke Ayres, a renowned name in the industry, is offering an exciting opportunity for a Seed Sampler in their Kempton Park warehouse. This role plays a pivotal part in ensuring the quality of seeds through precise sampling and adherence to industry standards.

Date Posted: 2024/01/29

Reference Number: S580001 – Seed Sampler

Position Description:

The Seed Sampler position at Starke Ayres in Kempton Park is a critical role responsible for drawing representative samples from received, presented, and re-presented seed lots for quality testing. This ensures that the seeds meet the high standards set by the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA).



  1. Complete the Sampling Form:
    • Accurate documentation is crucial in the seed sampling process. Completing the sampling form is the initial step towards maintaining a record of the quality testing process.
  2. Sample Labeling:
    • Before commencing sampling, ensuring that sample labels are completed correctly is essential for traceability and documentation purposes.
  3. Sampling According to ISTA Rules:
    • Adhering to the guidelines set by ISTA ensures consistency and reliability in the seed sampling process.
  4. Determine Primary Samples:
    • Utilizing ISTA-prescribed sampling intensities to determine the correct number of primary samples is fundamental to the quality assurance process.
  5. Quality Checks on Balances:
    • Performing regular quality checks on balances used in the sampling process to maintain precision and accuracy.
  6. Physical Checks:
    • Verifying the physical appearance of bags, labels, and quantities of both presented and re-presented seed lots is a critical aspect of the sampling process.
  7. Homogeneity Checks:
    • Ensuring homogeneity of seeds between sampled bags is essential to maintain consistency and quality in the seed lots.


  • Education:
    • Minimum Grade 12 with Maths literacy or applicable experience.
  • Legal Requirements:
    • Minimum completion of Seed Sampling Course – SANSOR, including modules on Seed Industry and Seed Sampling. In-house sampling courses are also required.
  • Ideal:
    • Possession of a Driver’s License.
  • Training:
    • Minimum completion of Seed Sampling Course offered by SANSOR, along with proficiency in MS Word and Excel.
  • Work Level:
    • Junior
  • Job Type:
    • Permanent
  • Salary:
    • Market Related
  • EE Position:
    • No
  • Location:
    • Kempton Park


Starke Ayres’ Seed Sampler position in Kempton Park presents an excellent opportunity for individuals passionate about ensuring the quality and reliability of seeds in the agriculture sector. The role offers a chance to work in a reputable company with a commitment to industry standards and continuous improvement. Aspiring candidates meeting the outlined requirements are encouraged to apply, contributing to the growth and success of Starke Ayres in the field of agriculture.

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