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  • Grade 12 / Matric
  • 1 year ago

Job Description

Are you looking for a job as a TFC Maintenance Practitioner (Instrumentation) in Steelpoort? Look no further! With the reference number of TFC778, the ideal candidate practitioner is dedicated to ensuring safety comes first in all aspects of the job.

Their responsibilities include managing SHEQ compliance within the process, utilizing the Information Management System (IMS) to report and investigate safety incidents, acting as a safety representative and evacuation officer, and issuing permits if necessary.

In addition, the Maintenance Practitioner proactively seeks ways to improve equipment reliability and control systems in the plant, conducts regular scheduled plant inspections, and provides regular feedback to operational and maintenance personnel. They also assist in automating planning, ordering spares and consumables, and maintaining all systems within the control system office.

The Maintenance Practitioner also excels in plant availability, downtime data, and plant reliability. They assist in resolving all requirements, concerns, and faults within the plant, optimize plant and control performance, and maintain control systems according to industry standards. They also provide technical advice and on-the-job training to instrumentation technicians.

Standby duties are also a part of Maintenance Practitioner’s job and they are always ready to report any bridging or plant stoppages during callouts.

If you’re in need of a skilled TFC Maintenance Practitioner (Instrumentation) in Steelpoort, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information and to schedule an interview with our practitioner. With their experience and dedication to safety, you can trust that your control systems and equipment will be in good hands.

Closing Date: 28 January 2023
Location: Steelpoort

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