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  • 2 years ago

Job Description

Operates the boilers according to SOP’s and meets the legal requirements.

▪ Operate high-pressure boilers (coal and oil)
▪ Monitor coal and oil stock levels and report shortages
▪ Monitor oil boiler temperature to ensure temperature rises gradually
▪ Conduct manual blow-down sequence according to procedures
▪ Put boilers on standby as required by production
▪ Shut down boilers according to procedures
▪ Support AIA inspections as required
▪ Respond to out-of-spec indicators
▪ Perform visual checks, read gauges and HMI, and record readings
▪ Conduct minor equipment repairs to fix leaks
▪ Apply basic hygiene and sanitation and adhere to food safety-related rules and activities as per plan instructions
▪ Perform Food Safety and Quality related activities as part of the BRC FSMS and QC/QA functions
▪ Report any unsafe areas, injuries, or accidents.

Please note: this position is based in Atlantis.

▪ National Senior Certificate
▪ 1-year operating high or low-pressure boilers experience is essential
▪ Boiler Attendant training will be desired
▪ Mechanical aptitude
▪ Basic plumbing experience
▪ Basic understanding of pressure vessels
▪ Good communication and organizational skills
▪ High level of safety focus, rule-following & accuracy.

Please note: this position is based in Atlantis.
Closing date 16 November 2022


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