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  • 1 year ago

Job Description

BME is the leading supplier of explosives to the South African open pit mining and quarrying industry. BME continues to commercialise the new generation of electronic detonator as well as developing alternative products for the industry. The purpose of the job is to assist the Truck Operator.

▪ Grade 12 with Maths (essential),
▪ Previous experience in blasting / mining environment.
▪ 2 years blasting assistant experience.

▪ Re-filling of truck
▪ Re-fill the truck at the loading points with the prescribed raw materials / products Under the supervision of the Truck Operator.
▪ Truck inspection and housekeeping:
▪ Assist the Truck Operator in conducting the prescribed pre-use inspections Prior to use of the truck.
▪ Perform cleanliness duties of the vehicle on an on-going basis so that it is presentable in the eye of the public.
▪ Perform housekeeping duties as instructed by the Foreman or other authority figure. This may include cleaning, sweeping of the site, silo areas and cleaning ablution facilities.
▪ Ensure Personal cleanliness at all times as per SHERQ equirement.
▪ Loading of blast holes:
▪ Carry out an inspection of all the holes and measure them to ensure that they are drilled to the correct depth In cooperation with the Truck Operator.
▪ In the event of picking up any out of spec holes, report this so that the truck operator While adhering to all the SHEQ standards and prescriptions, responsible for engaging the pumping process and loading the holes according to the design specs.
▪ Place the charging hose from into the correct holes as per procedures.
▪ Ensure the detonator is not stuck at the bottom of the hole before charging commence.
▪ Ensure the detonator line is secured at the collar of the hole to eliminate the possibility of the detonator line falling into the hole.
▪ act as a Spotter to guide and direct the Truck Operator on the blasting area as per procedures.

Job Competencies
▪ Customer Focused
▪ Attention to detail
▪ Numeric skills
▪ Assertive
▪ Systematic
▪ Following Instructions and Procedures
▪ Deciding and Initiating Action
▪ Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
▪ Adhering to Principles and Values
▪ Safety and Quality conscience
▪ Reliable
▪ Team work
▪ Flexible
▪ Communication


Job skills